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An impressive self-build property in the Nottingham area has recently been elevated to new levels in style with the installation of a lift enclosed within a fire-rated glazed lift shaft.

Arkoni manufactured, supplied and installed the lift shaft enclosure and fire-rated glazing for the project which fell under the auspices of Melton Mowbray-based Greenwood Architects. The lift and lift shaft doors were supplied by Vaughan Smith of VWS Lift Consultants.

Martin Quarmby of Arkoni explained: “The framework structure for the lift shaft was manufactured from Forster Fuego Light 304 stainless steel. It was specially ordered without the brushed finish. This meant that a highly polished, almost mirror-like finish, could be achieved.

“The glazing came from Vetrotech Saint-Gobain and utilised glass from their Contraflam range to achieve an EI30 fire rating meaning effective protection from the spread of fire for a 30 minute duration.

Installation of the lift was actually delayed for almost a year due to issues with the design of the lift shaft enclosure. When work began on the lift, the client had moved into the house and it was no longer a building site making the process far more complex.

Great care had to be taken lifting the framing and glass into place as the walls were all decorated and clad in marble. Some of the panes of glass weighed 112 kg each and were at high level.

It’s an impressively aesthetic and wholly practical feature within the property and a good example of how Arkoni can work with architects and self build enthusiasts to add a touch of style,” concluded Martin.

Peter Greenwood of Greenwood Architects commented “The installation of the lift was the final part of a complex and continually evolving house design that was built to the highest standards for a very discerning client. The specification for both the lift and its enclosure was very exacting and the clients and I are delighted with the end result.”