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The Brooky Brief

The Brooky Brief

Posted 6th July 2017

“This weekend was a combination of bad luck and clutch problems and we've taken a hit in the points as a consequence but we'll regroup and move on.

“I qualified well in third position with direction on setup allowing me to find the extra lap time. I found it in Race 1 but the clutch problems that plagued us at Brands Hatch reappeared so I got a bad start in Race 1 and it made life difficult for the entire race having to come back from dropping a row or two and too far behind the leaders. 

“In race 2 I was convinced I’d make up for it but another poor start meant that I had too much to do on lap 1 and the red mist got the better of me. I took too much of a risk, too early on cold tyres and highsided at Barn.  Fortunately I wasn’t injured! If it was any consolation Championship leader Lee Williams also crashed. That was my get out of jail card used up!

“Just prior to Race 3 the heavens opened and and we chucked some wets in without being able to adjust to a wet setup and 4th was the best I could do after, you guessed it, another terrible start!

“Onwards and upwards!”