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The Brooky Brief

The Brooky Brief

Posted 7th July 2017

As the test day went on we noticed that some of the other riders were on a different compound rear tyre and at a distinct advantage through Gerrards where there is a lot of time made up. This was what we felt would make the difference between a podium and a win. We tried it for the last session and it didn’t end well. As it was a harder compound I hadn’t left it long enough to scrub in before pulling the pin, the result was a gigantic high side crash bang wallop on a fast part of the circuit!

I went over the bars. My bike ran me over. I then glanced at the Armco barrier and was followed in by another rider’s bike. I was knocked out for around 15 minutes and, although there was an initial worry of head and back injuries, a CT scan confirmed thar to not be the case and I got away with a broken rib, bruised lung and crushed arm where it was run over. 

Unfortunately because of the concussion I was put on a 10 day riding ban by the ACU which meant I couldn’t salvage any points over the weekend which was a shame, although I have to say I was and still am not in a position to ride in anger. 

I've been spending the last few evenings going to and from Doncaster receiving Laser therapy by ex TT rider Robbie Silvester which has definitely speeded things up and will commence oxygen therapy in Leeds over the next few weeks to do my absolute best to be fighting fit for the next round. 

I'm obviously gutted about the crash and apologise to my sponsors for the mistake but we are chasing wins and on the limit. These things do happen and it’s a risky sport at times. For every mistake I make others can too and it’s a long season so the plan is to get back and on the pace straight away and keep digging!

On the flip side I’m still in clear second place in the season’s standings despite the leader Lee Williams stretching his lead.