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 Proud to be winners

Proud to be winners

Posted 2nd July 2019

Arkoni have been based in Brighouse, West Yorkshire since 1991 and has been involved with some pretty amazing projects. They currently employ an experienced team working in various areas of the business including design, engineering, quoting and manufacture.

One particular project, The Sevenoaks School’s Science, Technology and Global Study Centre this year has stood out as one that should be celebrated, hence their decision to enter it into the prestigious Schuco Awards – and guess what they won the category for Best Steel Work Project!

Schuco awards celebrate the collaboration between architect, fabricator and specialist contractor and showcase the very best contributions.

The Sevenoaks School Science, Technology Centre and Global Study Centre was designed to put science and technology at the heart of Sevenoaks school. This was a place to create, where innovation, curiosity and exploration are encouraged – so no ordinary solution would be on the cards.

The exterior of the building features steel windows and doors with glazing to filter the sun, black out blinds, louver and damper systems. The louvers feature an insect repellent mesh and the top of the louver features an automatic temperature controlled damper unit, to maintain a consistent temperature and air quality. These features built in by Arkoni ensure that the atmosphere is as near perfect as possible for studying.

Some of the windows were almost 10 metres long and to cope with the British weather, had to be structurally enhanced and assembled on site. Arkoni admit that a few late nights were required to figure out the best way to achieve this, they achieved it with resultant superb aesthetics and practically.

The north side of the building required a jumbo glazed door set, too large for any conventional door set system. Again, the team pulled out all the stops to design, manufacture and install one.

To complement the glazing and add extra light to the laboratories, the project required Vitrine showcases internally adjacent to the laboratories. These were constructed in steel and glazed with glazed panels that where necessary were fire rated. LED light panels featured at both the top and bottom.

Customers of Arkoni know that its attention to detail, understanding of legislation and building requirements, along with their immense technical know-how make Arkoni a winning choice for the many customers who work with it.

Congratulations to all the team for winning this prestigious award showcasing the manufacturing excellence of the ‘Northern Powerhouse’ to the nation.