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New ERP System for Better Customer Efficiency

New ERP System for Better Customer Efficiency

Posted 26th November 2018

In an era where speed and efficiency are demanded without compromising on quality. Businesses have to adapt and invest in new technologies and machinery.

Arkoni are well known to have excellent customer relationships, in order to maintain and better our customer service we have invested in a new ERP system. To ensure smooth order processing, manufacturing and delivery.

The new system will help manage our day-to-day business. It will integrate all facets of the operation, including product planning, development, manufacturing processes, human resources, financials and sales and marketing.

Through its dashboard it allows us to see a live snapshot in under 10 seconds. All enquiries, quotations and orders can be tracked and monitored. Route cards are raised for works orders that follow a project throughout each stage within Arkoni.

All third party purchases are logged in the system so there is complete traceability on purchased items. All of these features provide our customers with added confidence whilst enhancing the organisation's efficiency.

The systems final stage is the recording and confirmation of delivery and sign off of the finished goods. All of this is fed back into the system to let Arkoni evaluates it performance and progress.