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Fire door installation program

Fire door installation program

Posted 29th March 2018

Currently, a large number of fire doors have been found to have deficiencies due to improper installation, potentially endangering lives.

A fire-rated door that was recovered intact from a lower floor of the Grenfell Tower was found to last only 15 minutes in tests – half as long as the intended 30 minutes.

This fire door installation qualification is the first of its kind in the UK and represents a positive step in promoting fire safety.

Arkoni is FIRAS accredited for the installation of fire rated doors, fire rated windows, curtain walling, butt glazed screens and auto sliding doors with break out and break in functions. Whilst we can assure that our fire protection systems are installed to industry standards and with the care that is achieved over extensive industry experience, we feel it is critically important that training is made more readily available to other contractors.