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Brooky's Brief from Rockingham

Brooky's Brief from Rockingham

Posted 10th August 2016

Winning is the aim of the game and, despite maybe seeming unrealistic to some people at the minute, that’s what I’m chasing so anything less is off the mark BUT I feel like the Rockingham weekend silenced a few critics and showed that I am not messing around. I’m prepared to stick my neck out regardless of my recent injury and I’ll keep on digging until I get where I want to be. Obviously I do have to be realistic and accept I’m four rounds behind in one of the most competitive race series in Europe, so I’ll take a 6th and two 5ths going 1.6s under my PB.

A huge positive from the weekend was that it stayed dry! I've really struggled to get dry time since getting back on the bike 4 weeks ago. I needed some back to back dry time to build my confidence and I got that this weekend so it was a relief! I’m still learning the setup on the Dunlop tyres too and I’ve only done the one dry round at Brands in a cold March since I switched from Pirelli last year. My team learned a thing or two there. On a slightly negative note my stock engine which I’m still running from last year was really highlighted at Rockingham, I was getting hammered down the two long straights. There isn't money in the budget to tune the motor so I’ll just have to live with that for now. 

On reflection I have a really positive outlook towards Anglesey for the next round and hope to continue making steps nearer the podium towards the end of the year. I owe it to everyone at Arkoni and all my other sponsors, friends and family. Time will tell but my head is in a really good place at the minute and that's half the battle!